Exited to Announce the 2108 Festival Line up!!!   Saturday, Sept 15th and Sunday, Sept 16th


1:00 pm  The Dixieland Troubadours

2:00 pm  Chuck Nation Band

3:00 pm  BlueBilly Grit

4:00 pm   Open Jam (All Pickers Welcome)


1:00 pm  The Shoal Creek Stranglers

2:00 pm   Open Jam main stage (All Pickers Welcome)

3:00 pm   Coyote Anyway

4:00 pm   Curtis Jones and Primal Roots

We are Really Excited about our 2017 Lineup! 

Saturday, Sept 16th

1pm  The Shoal Creek Stranglers

2pm 3 Bucks Shy

3pm  Grassville

4pm  Open Jam  (Pickers Welcome)


Sunday, Sept 17th

1pm  Dixieland Troubadours

2pm  Open Jam  (Pickers Welcome)

3pm  Curtis Jones and Primal Roots

4pm  BlueBilly Grit

The 2016 Festival will be held Saturday, Sept 17th and Sunday Sept 18th from 1-6 pm.  

Ianuario Bluegrass Festival 2016

Saturday, Sept 17th

1:00 pm Dixieland Troubadours

2:00 pm Open Jam on Main Stage

3:00 pm Grassville

4:00 pm Shoal Creek Stranglers

5:00 pm Hank, Pattie and the Current

Sunday, Sept 18th

1:00 pm "PeeWee Garrison" Tribute Jam

2:00pm Open Jam on Main Stage

3:00 The Freight Hoppers

4:00 3 Bucks Shy

5:00 BlueBilly Grit

We are adding an hour of open Jam Time to the main Stage Schedule
for both days at 2pm.
Be sure to tell all of your pickin' friends to bring an instrument and come join us!!
The Tony & Ann Ianuario Bluegrass Festival
Tony and Ann Ianuario were two individuals that truly loved life and the people they came into contact with. All who knew them were touched by their love and appreciation for music, art, and the simple act of living.
Both were totally involved in their community and gave generously to all. Tony was a master luthier and loved both making mandolins and playing them. One of which is on permanent display at the Smithsonian Art Museum. He repaired instruments for many musicians and had one of his own played by Bill Monroe.
Ann loved story telling, and shared her love with countless children in North Georgia's schools, hospitals and churches. She was an artist, avid reader, and genealogist. Each year they were Father & Mrs. Christmas to Dahlonega and the surrounding areas and were loved and admired by children all over Georgia. Tony and Ann were always diligent to show up at “Art in The Park” each year to “make music” and bless those around them with their fun and lighthearted presence. During this time Tony, along with Mark and Adam Garrison, decided to start a band, calling themselves BlueBilly Grit.
After only one year Tony and Ann were tragically killed in an auto accident. Being impacted by this couple in so many ways, BlueBilly Grit decided to start a commemorative festival to honor their friends and to continue the legacy that Tony and Ann had started. Please join us in giving to our community and blessing those around us with stories, music, and love.

The “Tony and Ann Ianuario Folk and Bluegrass Festival” was created to give back to the organizations that were closest to their hearts, Helping Hands (a mentoring and tutoring program), Friends of the Jefferson Public Library, and The Tumbling Water’s Society.
Sponsorship will help cover the cost of bands, flyers, t-shirts, and promotion. All other proceeds and monies collected will be given to the above programs.

Final Lineup for this year's "5th annual Ianuario Bluegrass festival"
Held in Conjunction with "Art in The Park" at Hurricane Shoals in Maysville, Ga.

Tony and Ann would be proud!

Saturday, Sept 19th, 2015     1:00-5:00 pm

1:00 pm Local Honey
2:00 pm Shoal Creek Stranglers
3:00 pm The Apostles of Bluegrass
4:00 pm Curtis Jones and Primal Roots

Sunday, Sept 20th, 2015      1:00-5:00 pm

1:00 pm Pool Mountain
2:00 pm Ugly Cousin
3:00 pm 3 Bucks Shy
4:00 pm BlueBilly Grit

For Park information and directions visit www.hurricanshoalspark.org